Commentary: Obama's team poised to tackle economy

This editorial appeared in The Miami Herald.

Although it has been only three weeks since the election, this already feels like the longest transition in history.

Are we there yet? Nope, there are 56 days left before the inauguration. If that seems too long to wait, at least there's some reassurance in seeing President-elect Barack Obama move quickly to come to grips with the ever-widening economic crisis even before his swearing-in.

Mr. Obama's freedom of action is limited. As he has said, there's only one president at a time. He also realizes that there is not a minute to waste. Usually, we don't advise haste in naming a Cabinet that, ideally, should remain intact for an entire presidential term to help the chief executive govern.

These are most assuredly not ordinary times, however. Mr. Obama and his transition advisors deserve credit for assembling a full economic team in record time, for staffing it with new faces and old and for presenting the team to the public as soon as possible as a way to signal that change is coming.

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