Commentary: Racism is still out there

Calendar check: Thanksgiving is Thursday.

So among the other holiday chores like folding napkins and ironing curtains, I guess we should also be brushing up on saying "Thanks" – plus perfecting those hugging skills.



Maybe not.

During these surprisingly warm November days, there's been an even hotter issue brewing.

A great many of us have spent the last week or so at each other's proverbial throats, waging what has become an intense dialogue.

Instead of shining Grandma's china, we've been too busy sharpening metaphorical knives and forks.

The issue that has us all riled up, cocked forward and growling like hungry dogs ready to attack, has to deal with racism.

That nasty six-letter word.

Racism in sports.

Racism in our communities.

Racism here in the 21st century.

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