Commentary: Pass the free trade pact with Colombia

This editorial appeared in The State.

What do The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times all have in common? They all agree with The State: All say Congress should pass the Colombian Free Trade Agreement.

"Pass the Pact," says The Post. "Seal the deal," says the L.A. Times. The Journal says the pact offers President-elect Barack Obama a "Lame Duck Opportunity" — tell Congress to agree to a deal with President Bush to link a Detroit bailout to passage of this and other free trade agreements before the end of the year: "U.S. business and the rest of the world would applaud.... President Bush could do the heavy lifting."

Perhaps most impressive of all — it’s certainly caused some buzz in the blogosphere — is this opening sentence of the New York Times piece: "We don’t say it all that often, but President Bush is right: Congress should pass the Colombian free-trade agreement now."

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