Commentary: Ankle bracklet is a high-tech Jimminy Cricket

This editorial appeared in The Tri-Cty Herald.

Moon Security ought to call its ankle bracelets Jimminy Crickets – or maybe just crickets for short.

That's because the company's ankle bracelets have the same function as the cricket who tried to keep Pinocchio in line in the old Italian fairy tale.

Drivers convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal narcotics may qualify to get the ankle bracelets attached instead of jail time.

In one wearer's words, quoted by the Herald's Kristin M. Kraemer, "It's like having the judge wrapped around your leg. He's right there with you."

The ankle bracelets report through Moon Security to the courts every little blip that indicates the wearer may have been drinking again.

Because of that, and the likelihood that instead of going to work the next day the offender may wind up back in jail, it is a powerful incentive to good behavior.

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