Commentary: Jealousy over limits on Obama's tech use

All the news over the weekend was how — egad! — President-elect Barack Obama might have to give up his BlackBerry because of security and public-records laws.

Obama is a very tech-savvy politician, which was evident in how well his presidential campaign worked the Internet to its advantage.

Plus, he used YouTube this past weekend for the first weekly Democratic address broadcast on the Web as well as on radio.

Besides the very real possibilities of the president's cell phone signal being traced or his e-mail hacked, those e-mails are also subject to subpoena by Congress.

I don't own a smartphone, PDA or any other gadget like that. My daughter has frequently shocked me by searching the Internet using her cell phone. I just don't need that.

I have the oldest cell phone in my house, and I quite often forget to update my Facebook page, which I was teased into starting to avoid being called a "dinosaur." I'm still working on my Twitter and have no idea how to use an iPhone.

So giving up being in constant contact with people wouldn't hurt me at all.

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