Commentary: Tollefson did Yosemite proud

This editorial appeared in The Modesto Bee.

Yosemite National Park Superintendent Michael Tollefson is leaving his post after six years, and his tenure over the crown jewel of the nation's parks saw many advancements, including millions of dollars worth of improvements in buildings, roads and trails. He connected easily with park visitors and had the diplomatic skills to make Yosemite's case with politicians.

But Tollefson also had to defend the National Park Service against a lawsuit over the $35 million reconstruction of Yosemite Lodge, and that brought criticism of him. The lawsuit still hasn't been resolved.

Running Yosemite, one of the highest-profile parks, isn't easy because it has so many constituencies. Some want more development and more public usage and others want minimal development and reduced public usage. Striking a balance often means angering both sides.

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