Commentary: League of Women Voters keeps watch

This editorial appeared in The Tri-City Herald.

Government works best when someone's watching.

It's a simple equation – government of the people, by the people and for the people can't thrive without them.

Democracy demands our participation, and we surrender our sovereignty simply by failing to pay attention.

Noble sentiments, but let's face it – unless we're directly affected, few of us are willing to pull ourselves away from the TV long enough to take in a city council meeting.

The motives of our representatives are usually pure, but good intentions can't prevent an isolated and insular group from losing touch.

So let's be thankful we have some surrogates willing to endure second readings of obscure ordinances to ensure open, transparent government.

Hats off to the League of Women Voters of Benton and Franklin Counties. The nonpartisan group launched the Observer Corps in May to keep tabs on the scores of public agencies in the Tri-Cities.

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