Commentary: Nunn's experience may be useful for Obama

This editorial appeared in The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer.

As is the case with every administration, some of future President Barack Obama's choices for cabinet, judicial, administrative and advisory posts will distinguish themselves, some will prove to be decidedly mediocre and, almost certainly, at least a few will be washouts.

An early choice with which it would be hard to find fault — certainly not at this juncture — is a distinguished and almost universally respected son of Georgia, former U.S. Sen. Sam Nunn, whom President-elect Obama has tapped to help lead the new administration's Defense Department transition team.

Nunn, who in his 24-year Senate career was known as a moderate-to-conservative Democrat, might or might not eventually serve an Obama administration in a higher and more formal capacity, though as the Georgia Tech alum long ago expressed — publicly, at least — little interest in widely rumored consideration as an Obama running mate, an official role would seem unlikely. A transition team spokeswoman told the Associated Press on Thursday that Nunn's would be "an informal senior adviser role throughout the defense transition process,'' probably working in tandem with former Secretary of State Warren Christopher.

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