Commentary: Two veterans remember

This editorial appeared in The Anchorage Daily News.

Ken Jones is an Army veteran of combat in Vietnam. Wanda Sutterer spent 20 years in the Air Force, including stints as an intensive care nurse and flight nurse that took her on missions to Turkey and Zaire.

Both served their country and communities. Both still do. Sutterer, a registered nurse, works in patient education at the VA Clinic in Anchorage. Jones runs a Web site called whenourtroopscomehome.com. He wrote a book, "When Our Troops Come Home," recounting his own war experience and aiming to help both vets and their families and friends.

What do they think about this day?

Jones, who has worked as a counselor and consultant, wonders if "we finally put 1968 behind us" at the time of this Veterans Day. Generations have passed since his war; some, but not all, in his generation are ready to leave the war behind. He muses that the election of Barack Obama is symbolic of that passage. Generations of time may heal, for country and for individuals.

"Human beings will go back and re-create traumatic events one way or another until they reconcile them," he said.

"Veterans remember; survivors relive."

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