Commentary: Survey says KC citizens unsatsfied with services

This editorial appeared in The Kansas City Star.

When he ran for Kansas City mayor in 2007, Mark Funkhouser was crystal clear about the importance of citizen surveys.

"You'll be able to evaluate my performance by the extent to which citizen satisfaction with the city improves," he said.

After he won, Funkhouser said of future satisfaction scores, "If they’re not different, please don’t let me run again. Stop me. … I want statistically significant improvements. Basically year in and year out."

By now, you probably know where this is going.

Citizen satisfaction ratings have dropped dramatically since 2007, according to the survey rolled out Wednesday by City Auditor Gary White.

White, Funkhouser’s replacement as auditor, said satisfaction had "significantly declined for 32 city services."

Satisfaction scores went up for only eight services, including traffic flow and street lighting.

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