Commentary: A tough task ahead for next president

Come Wednesday we can leave behind all the nasty campaign ads and "gotcha" moments about extravagant wardrobes, spreading the wealth around, one dude associating with a Vietnmam-era terrorist or the other palling around with a savings-and-loan slimeball 20 years ago.

Not to have to witness one more attack ad will be heaven.

Yet we are still facing hell: insecurity about our tanked economy, foreclosures, falling home prices, rising unemployment, imploding 401(k)s, two wars far from settled and fear of more on the horizon in Iran or Pakistan or who knows where else.

The silver lining? If you still have a car, gas prices finally have fallen under three bucks.

Whether John McCain and Sarah Palin squeak a GOP victory or Barack Obama and Joe Biden take it by a landslide, our challenges remain daunting.

Barring another 2000 vote-count drag-out fight, we will see Tuesday night who has captured voters' imaginations - and our angst. People want a leader they deem best suited to get us out of a global recession and deal responsibly with the war on terror.

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