Commentary: Anchorage Daily News endorses Berkowitz

The following editorial appeared in Sunday's Anchorage Daily News.

Ethan Berkowitz gave Alaska a ringing moment of clarity a few years ago during a state House debate on an oil tax bill that Alaskans now know was tainted by corruption. Then the minority leader, Berkowitz saw lobbyists, including the notorious Bill Allen, passing notes to legislators, right there on the floor of the Alaska House of Representatives.

Berkowitz, offended at the brazen display of special interest power, stood up in anger and declared, "This is our House." He then proceeded to rebuke his colleagues for allowing the integrity of the Legislature to be compromised. A few months later, FBI raids drew back the curtain and Alaskans saw just how widely the corruption in Juneau had spread.

Berkowitz's integrity, coupled with a lively intelligence and 10 years of experience as a lawmaker in Juneau, qualifies him to give Alaska new, strong representation in the U.S. House. He is the right candidate to replace the ethically compromised and regularly outrageous Don Young.

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