Commentary: Wound up during the wind-down

This column appeared in the News & Observer on Thursday, Oct. 30, 2008.

Bless their hearts. That doesn't do much good for those who have been in the thick of it for one candidate or another and get up one morning as the election nears to see that the local newspaper has not endorsed their favorite - or, if they're working in the campaign, their boss. But it's about all there is to say.

So here's a shout-out to all those in such a position: Bless your hearts. Yes, even to the those from Democrat Beverly Perdue's campaign for the governor's office who, upon reading the N&O editorial endorsement of the lieutenant governor's opponent, Republican Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory, vowed to encourage, on the occasion of victory, all Perdue supporters to cancel their N&O subscriptions.

This being my 22nd season of endorsements since coming to the editorial page in 1986, I've learned not to take things personally. I just wish candidates and supporters could do the same -- but having said that, I understand why they can't.

After all, many a campaign worker, and this applies of course to both sides, has given up every weekend and many a weeknight for a couple of years because he or she believes in a candidate and what the candidate stands for.

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