Commentary: Obama's Spanish ad suggests great acting skills

This column appeared in the Miami Herald on Thursday, Oct. 30, 2008.

I don't know whether Sen. Barack Obama would make a good president if elected next Tuesday. But after watching his latest Spanish-language television ad, I've concluded that if he doesn't make it to the White House, he should head directly to Hollywood.

The ad is amazing. In it, a confident Obama talks to the camera in seemingly fluent Spanish, with surprisingly good pronunciation, addressing the audience with the familiar "tu" - the Spanish term reserved for one's closest friends and relatives. A remarkable accomplishment, considering that Obama doesn't speak Spanish.

"Compartimos un sueño: que trabajando duro, tu familia puede triunfar . . . Este es el sueño Americano. Te pido tu voto. No sólo para mi y los democratas, sino para mantener este sueño vivo para ti y para tus hijos," says Obama.

("We share a dream: that working hard, your family can succeed . . . That's the American dream. I'm asking for your vote. Not just for me and the Democrats, but to keep this dream alive for you and your children.")

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