Commentary: Political world could leap into new orbit on Nov. 4

This column appeared in the Lexington Herald-Leader on Oct. 26, 2008.

This and that while wondering whether Nov. 4 will produce a transformational election:

On a national level, the election of America's first president of color would be transformational in and of itself.

But the significance of such an election outcome would be enhanced if it marked a long-term change of course for the nation. In that event, it might one day be looked back upon as the end of the Ronald Reagan era in American politics.

At the very least, it might be seen as the point at which the nation turned away from the fiscally foolish neo-con agenda of tax cuts for the rich, massive deficit spending and deregulation of everything in the marketplace.

On the state level, the election could transform the political landscape if it marks the end of the Mitch McConnell era.

After watching him rise to the level of dominating Kentucky politics and maintain that dominance for so long, it's difficult to imagine him losing to anyone, much less a candidate with Louisville businessman Bruce Lunsford's baggage.

But all the recent independent polls suggest it is a very real possibility.

Those polls contain some troubling signs for McConnell.

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