Commentary: Personal attacks don't help voters decide

The following editorial appeared in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Oct. 24.

Can we all please get a grip?

Less than two weeks before the presidential election, the political dirty tricksters are on overdrive.

Donald Segretti would be proud.

(For those born post-Watergate, Segretti worked for Richard Nixon's 1972 re-election campaign sabotaging Democratic candidates, particularly Sen. Edmund Muskie. The Washington Post exposed his work through its Watergate scandal reporting.)

Scurrilous accusations and unfounded insinuations have abounded this campaign season, from both the left and right of the political spectrum, aimed at the presidential candidates as well as their running mates.

We won't dignify the most well-worn and thoroughly refuted ones by repeating them here.

But things are getting out of hand when anyone believes that the election should turn on a malicious report that turns out to be completely fabricated.

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