The Influencer Series

Who are the Influencers and what can you expect from them?

The November election is just five months away. This Election Year, McClatchy and its newsrooms in four states will put a sharp focus on the policy challenges that most affect our communities and our future. We know — because you’ve told us — that on everything from education reform to housing affordability, drug prices and immigration -- you want deeper insight into potential solutions our officials can pursue. And you want a better understanding of where our candidates stand on the policy issues that matter most.

To deliver this, we have launched an important and long-lasting conversation between you and the leaders and influencers in California, Florida, North Carolina and Missouri — The Influencer Series.

We have chosen more than 200 influencers in these four states to discuss the issues and engage in a thoughtful conversation about solutions. These influencers represent all parts of our communities. Some are large employers and some represent employees. Some are academic leaders and some are community organizers. They include leaders in the faith community as well as people who have dedicated their careers to public service in our state.

Click here to meet our influencers in California, Florida, North Carolina and Missouri.

You are a crucial part of this conversation. Through our Your Voice tool, we invite you to share the questions you have for the influencers and to tell us what issues are most important to you this election year. We will use your guidance to set the course of the conversation through Election Day, as we survey the influencers and bring them together for live public events to discuss solutions to the challenges you identify.

This is an important election year. We hope you will join us in keeping the conversation focused on the policy issues that matter most.

Kristin Roberts is the Executive Editor of McClatchy's Washington Bureau
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