Arkansas looking good for GOP and dismal for Pryor

Arkansas looks solidly Republican.

That’s the key finding of the 16th annual Arkansas Poll, released Thursday. It found voters more optimistic about their personal future, and more pessmistic about where Arkansas is heading.

It also found incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor in big trouble. Republican Rep. Tom Cotton is ahead of Pryor by 13 percentage points, and there’s a huge gender gap.

Cotton has a 21 percentage point lead among men, while he and Pryor are tied among women with 42 percent.

“It is no accident that the Democrats seem to have made October the month of the woman,” said poll director Janine Parry, “Not only are women as likely to favor Pryor as they are Cotton, but their votes are still up for grabs. While 7 percent of men answered ‘don’t know’ or refused to answer, 13 percent of women were in one of those categories.”

The survey also found Republican gubernatorial candidate Asa Hutcinson leading Democrat Mike Ross by 11 percentage points.