Obama’s foreign policy is on the ballot, GOP says in new ad

Republicans are aiming to make it clear to voters: A vote for a Democrat, they suggest in a new ad, is a vote for President Barack Obama’s foreign policy.

“President Obama’s actions threaten the safety of our country,” said Republican Chairman Reince Priebus. “While ISIS plots ways to destroy our way of life and Ebola infects American citizens, the president continues to go around the Constitution and Congress to move terrorists from Guantanamo Bay into our nation.

“This November, the president’s policies appear on the ballot. I urge you to vote Republican to keep terrorists off U.S. soil.”

The 30-second ad touches on a host of recent controversies, including terrorist threats, the Ebola virus and Guantanamo Bay prisoners.

The ad will run in states with key Senate races, including Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Louisiana and Virginia.