GOP has 'strong and increasing chance' to control Senate, but...

Republicans have “they have a strong and increasing chance to control the next Senate,” political analysts Larry Sabato and Kyle Kondik reported Thursday in his latest assessment of the 2014 races.

But the party isn’t quite there yet. “There are unusual and even a few bizarre features on the landscape,” said Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia. Kondik is managing editor.

Some Democrats are running tougher than expected races, and Republicans are having unanticipated trouble in states where they were seen as having a solid chance, such as Kansas,Georgia, Alaska and South Dakota.

But, they noted, “Many people are enjoying seeing the incumbents and majority party squirm in places like Alaska, Kansas, and South Dakota, but the tug of party loyalty increases as Election Day approaches, and so the pleasure may be short lived.”

All in all, Sabato and Kondik said, Republicans have “many more practical pathways” to a Senate majority than Democrats. Republicans need a net gain of six seats to control the Senate next year.