GOP House campaign chairman: People vote the person, not the institution

The Capitol in Washington D.C.
The Capitol in Washington D.C. McClatchy

Congress’ approval rating may be stuck around 14 percent, but Republican House campaign chairman Greg Walden doesn’t appear concerned.

People vote for the person, he said, not the institution. Convince voters you’re doing your job, he said, and they’ll send you back to Washington.

Walder, R-Oregon, spoke to reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast Friday. His goal is to win 245 House of Representatives seats, a 12 seat pickup. Republicans now hold 233 seats, Democrats 199, and there are three vacancies, according to the Clerk of the House. A majority is 218.

The Rothenberg Political Report said Friday 48 House races appear competitive, including 23 seats now held by Republicans and 25 by Democrats. It predicted a Republican pickup of two to 10 seats.

Republicans, though, are lagging ibehind Democrats n campaign contributions. Still, Walden said, “I’d rather be us than them.”