GOP’s take on Clinton: Third Obama term

Republicans Monday offered their take on Sunday’s Hillary Clinton visit to Iowa, portraying her as promoting a third Obama term.

“What the American people are 'ready' for is a new direction and fresh leadership, not a third term for the Obama-Clinton agenda that has left the county worse off and the middle class behind,” said Michael Short, Republican National Committee spokesman.

The GOP line offered a preview of how the party would run against Clinton if she became the Democratic presidential nominee. Clinton all but jumped into the race Sunday, appearing before thousands at the Tom Harkin Steak Fry, a big political showcase.

Clinton talked about her middle class roots and her eagerness to improve the lives of those struggling in the current economy.

Republicans weren’t buying it.

“The American people are looking for new solutions, not a career politician like Hillary Clinton who thinks mansion shopping on a multimillion dollar book advance counts as being 'dead broke.' The fact Senator Harkin is casting doubts about Hillary shows that even Democrats aren't sold on another Clinton presidency,” Short said.

Harkin had told ABC News he did not know how Clinton felt about what he saw as the center leaning right. But he was full of nothing but praise for Clinton at the steak fry.