A campaign rival bites on Trump’s ‘Evan McMuffin’ remark, and the comeback is delish

At one point in October, it looked as though independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin might throw a wrench in the whole electoral process, and President-elect Donald Trump has not forgiven him for that.

Into early November, the little-known conservative on the ballot in 11 states appeared to be polling close to Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton in Utah, according to RealClearPolitics. Had McMullin won Utah, he could have potentially denied both major candidates the 270 electoral votes necessary to win.

Ultimately, however, that did not happen. Trump swept to an 18-point victory, McMullin faded to third place and Trump secured more than enough electoral votes to win the presidency.

After that, one might assume that McMullin’s name would fade from the public consciousness, if it ever penetrated it at all.

But ironically enough, Trump has kept McMullin’s role in the election front and center, continually referring to the former CIA officer during his “Thank You” rallies he has held in the past few weeks, per The Hill.

For the most part, Trump has called McMullin “that guy” or “some guy nobody’d ever heard of.” But on Friday night, he went a step further in Orlando, Florida, after an audience member appeared to shout McMullin’s name as Trump described his thoughts on the election.

“That’s correct, that’s his name, he said Evan McMuffin, do you believe this?” Trump said. “I never heard of this guy before. Nobody did. And the polls said he’s even with Donald Trump. My wife said, she looked at the television and she said he’s not even with you. Believe me, he’s not even.”

Immediately, the phrase “Evan McMuffin” began to trend on Twitter, and McMullin, who has not ceased criticizing Trump since the election, fired back with a juicy retort.