Reid on funding measure: ‘This bill is not perfect’

Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev.
Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev. ASSOCIATED PRESS

The Senate hopes to take up the $1.1 trillion measure to keep the government funded, and Majority Leader Harry Reid sounded optimistic it will pass.

He conceded “there are many things in this bill that Democrats would not have included had we written the bill.”

Among them are a weakening of the Dodd-Frank finance regulatory law, which sparked a rebellion among liberals in the House of Representatives Thursday.

Reid, though, seemed resigned to its inclusion. “I didn’t write this bill,” the Nevada Democrat said. “Senate Democrats did not write this bill. It’s a compromise.”

He acknowledged “There are Senators who are unhappy with this legislation, and they will have the chance to make their objections heard today. I hope we can complete work on this bill as early as later today, but that depends on everyone’s cooperation.”

Under Senate rules, the debate could run as long as Monday, but Reid is trying to negotiated a quicker vote.

“This bill is not perfect,” he said. “We can be proud that we left our priorities better-funded and more secure, and our government on more sound footing, than when this Congress began. We can return home and tell our constituents that we passed legislation that keeps America safe, makes college more affordable, and spurs the economy. And it keeps our government open.”