Democrats’ chair wants to talk about what went right

Democrats need to take a hard look at what went wrong last month, but be careful – the party did a lot of things right, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said Friday.

Speaking to state party chairs at a Holllywood, Florida, meeting, the first since Democrats lost control of the Senate and saw their House of Representatives contingent shrink in the November elections, Wasserman Schultz was intent on not being gloomy.

“All of us in last few weeks have had difficulty answering the question how are you,” the Florida congresswoman told the group gathered at the Diplomat Resort & Spa in Hollywood.

But, she said, “We will bounce back again.” Too often after such elections, “the to just throw everything out and start offer. Doing so, she said, would ignore the party’s “incremental progress,” and after all, it still has the White House.

She appointed a task force, consisting of party stalwarts and outsiders, to examine the party’s future.

“We’re not presupposing or preconcluding what is wrong,” Wasserman Schultz said.

Later, at a meeting with reporters, she wouldn’t discuss what may have gone wrong. “Voters agree with us on major issues that are important to them...,” the chairwoman insisted. “We’ve got to take a hard look at the mechanics” of how elections are won.