Most Americans want GOP, not Obama, to influence nation’s direction

More people want congressional Republicans, and not President Barack Obama, to have more say over the nation’s direction in the coming year, according to a Gallup poll released Tuesday.

Republicans swept the midterm elections last week, gaining control of the U.S. Senate for the firsr time in eight years and boosting their House of Representatives majority.

Fifty-three percent in the Nov. 6 to 9 Gallup survey want to see more Republican influence, compared to 36 percent who prefer Obama’s clout.

But people are still not overly optimistic.

“Although Americans are presumably happy with the outcome of the election -- as it gave full control of Congress to the party they want in charge of the nation's direction -- most are not expecting a major upturn in national conditions as a result of the Republicans' success at the polls,” Gallup reported.

Forty-four percent said the Republican takeover won’t make any difference.

“After four years of partisan gridlock, most Americans are not optimistic that the election's outcome will improve things,” Gallup said.