One more earmark story: This one's about HUD funds for pig dung

KANSAS CITY — Turning wet pig dung into dry pellets.

It's one way to protect the environment, and a factory farm in northwest Missouri is about to spend almost $250,000 in congressional pork to try it on a hog waste lagoon.

The source of that $250,000 is also creative: HUD.

Yes, the agency that has the words Housing and Urban Development in it.

And that’s what shocks housing and taxpayer watchdog groups, who don’t see a lot of housing or urban renewal on pig farms and point out that the demand for subsidized housing is increasing.

“This is an amazing story,” said Leslie Paige, spokeswoman for Citizens Against Government Waste. “This is the anatomy of what is wrong with the whole system in a microcosm.”

But a senator and a corporation defend the spending, pointing out that HUD has programs for rural economic development, too.

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