Craig to argue insufficient evidence in bid to overturn plea

WASHINGTON — Sen. Larry Craig on Friday filed an outline of how he'll continue his fight in Minnesota to withdraw his guilty plea to a disorderly conduct charge.

Craig will argue that there's not enough evidence that he committed a crime when he was arrested in a June sex sting at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, according to a two-page document filed Friday with the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

The Idaho Republican failed last month in his bid to withdraw his guilty plea, which stemmed from his arrest in the men's room of the airport.

Craig's Minnesota lawyer, Thomas Kelly, filed the document Friday. In it, Kelly said Craig also plans to argue that there was a procedural defect in the case, because it wasn't accepted by the sentencing judge.

Kelly asked that oral arguments be heard in St. Paul. Once both sides file briefs in the case, the court will set a date for the arguments. Generally, arguments are heard six to eight months later.