NC Rep. Pittenger reappointed to committee that steers conservative House group

Rep. Robert Pittenger has been reappointed to the steering committee of the Republican Study Committee, a conservative group in the House of Representatives.

Pittenger, R-N.C., was chosen for a second term on the committee by Rep. Mark Walker, R-N.C., the Republican Study Committee’s new chairman.

Founded in 1973, the 172-member group has attempted to pull Republican leadership more to the right.

“Americans are tired of big government, one-size-fits-all policies killing jobs, limiting our health care choices, and weakening our national defense,” Pittenger said in a statement Monday. “As part of the steering committee of the Republican Study Committee, I am focused on common sense legislative solutions to reform health care, support job growth, and restore fiscal sanity in Washington.”

As a member of the steering committee, Pittenger co-sponsored a bill in 2015 to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

Walker said Pittenger and the 13 other steering committee members “have a unique opportunity in the 115th Congress to do more than simply make an argument – we have the opportunity to make a positive, lasting difference in all our communities.”