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‘Hello, this is Hillary Clinton’ ... Really!

WASHINGTON Remember that scene in “The American President” when the President Andrew Shepherd (played by Michael Douglas) decided to send flowers to his honey, played by Annette Bening? The lady at the flower shop thought he was a prankster and hung up.

Now comes Hillary Clinton.

Among the latest release of more than 6,000 pages of Clinton emails, we have word that her identity was doubted, too.

On Feb. 10, 2010, Clinton replied to an email from confidant Huma Abedin that “right now I’m fighting w the WH (White House) operator who doesn’t believe I am who I say and wants my direct office line even tho I’m not there and I just have (gave) him my home # and the State Dept # and I told him I had no idea what my direct office # was since I didn’t call myself and I just hung up.”

Finally, clearly exasperated, she added: “am calling thru Ops like a proper and properly dependent Secretary of State – no independent dialing allowed.”