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Reps. Yoho, Gohmert, say they will challenge Boehner for speaker

Two conservative Republicans said they plan to offer themselves up as candidates to oppose incumbent House Speaker John Boehner when the 114th Congress opens for business Tuesday.

Reps. Ted Yoho, R-Fla., and Louie Gohmert, separately announced that they’re ready to be alternatives to Boehner, R-Ohio, for House Republicans who are dissatisfied with his leadership.

‘We’ve already had nine members step out, saying they will not support this speaker,’ Yoho said Monday on ‘Fox & Friends.’ ‘And this is significant because there’s members that have been there for quite a while that are coming out, stepping forward and saying ‘we will not support Mr. Boehner.’’

Gohmert, R-Texas, said Boehner has gone back on promises he made when he became speaker in 2010 that included giving lawmakers sufficient time to read bills. He also accused Boehner of caving on the so-called ‘cromnibus’ bill that funded most of the federal government through September.

‘After the November elections gave Republicans control of the Senate, voters made clear they wanted change,’ Gohmert said Sunday on ‘Fox & Friends.’ ‘We were hopeful our leaders got the voters’ message. However, after our speaker forced through the (‘cromnibus) by passing it with Democratic votes and without time to read it, it seemed clear that we needed new leadership.’