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Michelle Obama asks for videos showing how schools help students succeed on path to college

Michelle Obama announced two video contests for students on Thursday. Winners will get her at as the speaker at commencement.

One of the contests calls for a video that captures a school’s efforts to introduce high school students to college life and help them go on from high school to complete a degree or training program.

In a video message, she says: “Last January, I spoke with college presidents from across the country about the importance of reaching out to more of our young people, especially those from underserved communities. These students have so much potential, but they don’t always get the encouragement or the support they need to go to college.”

The other challenge asks for a video about what schools are doing to get all high school seniors and their families to fill out the FAFSA _ the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The form is required before a student can be considered for federal grants, loans and work-study programs. The time for filling out the FAFSA for college next year starts on Jan. 1.