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Monica Lewinsky joins Twitter

@MonicaLewinsky’s new Twitter page.
@MonicaLewinsky’s new Twitter page. Screenshot of twitter.com, taken Oct. 20, 2014

The former White House intern has made her debut on Twitter, months after ending a years-long silence to talk about her relationship with former President Bill Clinton.

Lewinsky, who bills herself on the account as a “social activist. public speaker. contributor to vanity fair. knitter of things without sleeves,” delivered her debut tweet: “#herewego,” followed by “excited (and nervous) to speak to #Under30summit,” -- a reference her appearance today at Forbes’ Under 30 Summit, a three-day gathering of 1,000 young entrepreneurs and leaders in Philadelphia.

Two hours later, Lewinsky wasn’t following anyone, but her account was verified and she had over 10,000 followers.

Lewinsky in May wrote about her affair with Clinton for the first time, writing in a Vanity Fair essay that she “deeply regret(s) what happened between me and President Clinton. Let me say it again: I. Myself. Deeply. Regret. What. Happened.”

The Clinton Presidential Library recently released 10,000 pages of previously undisclosed documents that involved a series of touchy subjects from the 42nd president’s time in the White House, including the Lewinsky affair. The Lewinsky section details everything from tasks she was assigned at the White House (hanging a photo of Bill Clinton, in one instance) to how the president prepared for an interview on the “PBS NewsHour” about the scandal.

In announcing her appearance at the summit, Forbes called Lewinsky “the first person ever to have her reputation instantaneously destroyed via the Internet” and noted “that’s now a daily occurrence.”

“There’s not an American under 30 who hasn’t seen or experienced some form of digital harassment or character attack, starting in their teens,” Forbes said, noting that Lewinsky hadn’t given a public talk since 2001 and would “bring a singular perspective on a critical issue.”