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S.C. Gov. Haley faces ethics complaint from GOP activist

A Republican activist and former economic advisor for the state filed a lawsuit Thursday against Gov. Nikki Haley, asking whether she broke state ethics laws while a House member.

The lawsuit filed by John Rainey, the former chairman of the Board of Economic Advisors and a frequent critic of Haley, claims Haley exploited her House office for personal gain by also working for the Lexington Medical Center and Wilbur Smith, a S.C. engineering firm.

The lawsuit claims Haley, a Lexington Republican, was working as a lobbyist while a member of the General Assembly and accuses her of failing to report that information as well as not sitting out legislative votes benefiting her employers.

Haley has repeatedly denied the accusations.

Haley spokesman, Rob Godfrey, issued a statement Thursday: “This bogus lawsuit is a transparent political stunt by a disgruntled Republican has-been and the chairman of the state Democratic Party. It’s a shame they would waste the court system’s time with this obviously frivolous suit. The governor acted completely appropriately in all these matters – something that has been made clear every time these same two career political antagonists try and rehash these issues.”

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