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Rielle Hunter's lawyers say Young gave feds sealed information

HILLSBOROUGH — Rielle Hunter, the videographer who had an extramarital affair and child with John Edwards, the former U.S. senator and presidential candidate, has asked for a hearing in Orange County Superior Court next week.

Hunter is in a legal tussle with Andrew Young, a former Edwards aide, over who owns a purported videotape of her having sex with Edwards, and other property she claims in hers.

In court documents filed today in Orange County Superior Court, attorneys for Hunter argue that Young and his wife Cheri should be held in contempt of court.

The purported sex tape and other information gathered for the lawsuit filed last year in Orange County, where the Youngs and Edwards live, are under seal in the court file.

For that case, Edwards sat for a six-hour deposition in which attorneys for the Youngs interviewed the former senator while he was under oath.

Though the property dispute between Hunter and the Youngs is not directly tied to the criminal case that prosecutors charged against Edwards last month, there are some overlaps.

At a hearing in federal court in Greensboro last week, federal prosecutors acknowledged that some of their documents associated with the case had not been turned over to defense lawyers because they were not certain about how much information they could share about how they obtained them.

David Harbach, a prosecutor from the U.S. Justice Department, told a federal judge last week that prosecutors were "somewhat constrained" in what they could disclose to Edwards' attorneys about how they obtained some documents.

Young, his lawyers have acknowledged in state court hearings, is likely to be called as a witness for federal prosecutors in the criminal case against Edwards.

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