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Would U.S. voters tell Trump, 'You're hired'?

This much is known about "The Donald's" latest flirtation with a run for the White House — he'll let America know whether he's launching a presidential campaign "sometime prior to June."

And his announcement will happen on his hit TV show "The Apprentice."

Whether he should be taken seriously or not is another matter entirely. As with almost anything involving Donald John Trump, opinions are split as plainly as Republicans and Democrats are today.

"At this point, this is a brilliant PR effort," Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, a fellow Republican, said Wednesday in Kansas City. "Let's see if he really becomes a candidate or not."

Others, however, think Trump's moment may have finally arrived. Mix Trump's wicked candor and successful business acumen with a country struggling with debt and weary of mealy-mouthed politicians, and he might be the perfect match, they argue.

"He's a good metaphor for what people are looking for today," said Kansas state Sen. Julia Lynn, an Olathe Republican. "He's transformed the American dream."

These days, Trump's dance with politics is causing a sensation, in part because of his celebrity status, and in part because Republicans have yet to crown a front-runner as they almost always do.

He was tied for the lead with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in one national poll last week. This week, a McClatchy Newspapers-Marist Poll put his prospects in a somewhat dimmer perspective. He trailed President Barack Obama in a hypothetical matchup by 54 to 38 percent.

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