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Ron Paul's son Robert considering a congressional run

First it was just Ron Paul.

An obstetrician-gynecologist and libertarian-leaning Republican from Lake Jackson, Paul was elected to the U.S. House more than 20 years ago and maintains a devout following of those who share his anti-war, anti-tax, limited-government beliefs.

Then he was joined by his son, Rand, a Republican ophthalmologist, who became a darling of the Tea Party movement and was elected last year to represent Kentucky in the U.S. Senate.

Now a third Paul -- Robert, a doctor who runs a family medical practice in Benbrook and lives in Fort Worth -- is mulling a congressional bid of his own.

After campaigning for his father, most notably giving speeches during the elder Paul's 2008 presidential bid, Robert Paul is considering whether to jump into the race to replace Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison when her term expires in January 2013.

"I have thought about running," Robert Paul, one of five children, told the Star-Telegram. "I am very happy as a physician, but [I] have a lot of concern about the debt."

He hasn't started raising any money for a potential bid yet, although several other candidates have.

Campaign finance reports for January to March aren't due to the Federal Election Commission until today, but former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert reports raising $1.1 million, former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz, more than $1 million, and former Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams of Arlington, more than $500,000.

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