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This year's campaign trails go through social media

While candidates are watching the polls, they’re going after different numbers, too — their Twitter followers and Facebook fans.

Just a few years ago, the idea of campaigning in 140 characters or less was unheard of. Now the popular microblogging website Twitter and other social media outlets have become political mainstays.

Just look at the two leading contenders for the U.S. Senate seat from Missouri.

Republican Roy Blunt has more than 7,700 Twitter followers who can see photos from campaign stops, calls for volunteers and shout-outs to the Missouri football team.

On Facebook, Democrat Robin Carnahan posts videos of ads and personal stories from volunteers, with links to her campaign website. She has more than 18,600 Facebook fans.

In the 2010 elections across the country, including Kansas and Missouri, social media are playing an important role — not necessarily to drum up votes but to build coalitions of supporters and bring in donations.

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