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Rand Paul, Jack Conway shake hands, stay on-message in final debate

In a spirited debate on statewide and national television Monday night, Democrat Jack Conway and Republican Rand Paul accused each other of misrepresenting their views on issues ranging from civil rights to a national sales tax in their race for the U.S. Senate.

The hour-long debate carried live on Kentucky Educational Television and C-Span avoided the squabble over a Conway attack ad that almost derailed Monday's fifth and final debate before the Nov. 2 election.

Instead, the candidates focused primarily on issues, and they shook hands at the beginning of the program. Paul had refused to shake hands after an Oct. 17 debate.

Monday night, host Bill Goodman told the two that Kentuckians wanted to hear why they should vote for them and did not want to hear their attacks.

After providing some biographical information and identifying their favorite state park and last book of fiction read — Lake Barkley and The Da Vinci Code for Conway and Barren River Lake and The Poisonwood Bible for Paul — the two agreed that the most important issue facing America is jobs.

Paul placed the blame for the nation's sour economy on President Barack Obama's agenda that includes health care reform and increased regulation of financial institutions, and he linked Conway to the Democratic president.

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