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Oops: University e-mail tells campus to vote for Democrats

There's a bit of a mess over at Winston-Salem State University this week related to a political message distributed through the university's email system.

Here's what happened, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education: a student sent an email about early voting to an administrator, Michelle Releford, asking Releford to distribute it widely.

Releford did so, sending it to the entire campus community.

Problem: The email encouraged people to vote for Democrats. That's a no-no since public university resources aren't supposed to be used for political means. It's against the law.

The university tried to retract the message, sending a second email asking folks to disregard the first.

Kinda like trying to unring a bell.

That wasn't the end, however.

The state Republican party wanted equal time, so the university sent a similar email, once again to the entire campus, this time with materials promoting Republicans.

That too was a violation of state law.

Double whoops.

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