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Rand Paul will face Jack Conway in final debate after all

Republican U.S. Senate nominee Rand Paul will participate in a debate Monday night on Kentucky Educational Television with his Democratic rival, Jack Conway.

Paul, who said earlier in the week that he was not sure if he would appear with Conway in the fifth and final scheduled debate before the Nov. 2 election, held a news conference Friday afternoon at the Lexington Hyatt Regency to discuss his decision.

Paul has expressed disappointment that Conway aired a TV ad that said Paul was in a secret group as a student in the 1980s at Baylor University that mocked Christianity.

It also alleged that Paul tied up a woman while in college and forced her to bow down to a god named “Aqua Buddha.”

The ad, which has drawn a mixed reception from Democrats, was based on articles in GQ magazine, The Washington Post and Politico.com in recent weeks and months.

Paul called the ad “all lies” and “completely untrue.” He ran a counter ad calling Conway “shameless” and his wife, Kelley Paul, held a news conference to criticize the ad.

Conway campaign spokesman John Collins said in an e-mail, “Jack will debate on Monday without any preconditions. The voters will see a clear choice - between Jack’s record of standing up for Kentuckians and Rand Paul who won’t.

“Rand has spent the last week hemming and hawing, demanding restrictions on what he’ll answer. Instead of having another tirade, Rand should show up and face the voters.”

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