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Jeb Bush plays coy about 2012 aspirations during Idaho speech

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush — the son and brother of the Presidents Bush — told the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce Monday night that America can turn itself around with leaders advancing big ideas like education reform, rolling back the size of government and rewarding success in business.

”We need leadership that paints in bold colors, no more pastels,“ Bush said. ”Maybe like Boise State’s football field.“

Bush began his talk with what he wryly called a confession: ”I believe in entrepreneurial capitalism from the end of my toes to the top of my head.“

He saluted the Boise chamber for its efforts.

Bush credited President Obama for aggressively advancing his agenda, but said his policies are wrongheaded.

”I don’t ascribe evil motives to our leaders in Washington,“ Bush said. ”In fact, I think they had difficult challenges assuming the position of president and the executive branch during very difficult times. But I do think that it’s become clear that you can’t mandate or tax or spend or regulate a country into prosperity. Government has an important role, but it should be limited in its size and its power.“

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