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New subpoenas issued in Edwards grand jury investigation

RALEIGH, N.C. — Federal prosecutors have issued several new subpoenas in the investigation into former U.S. Sen. John Edwards' campaign finances.

Wade Smith, Edwards' attorney, said he did not know how many subpoenas prosecutors had issued, to whom or what information they seek. He has not seen them.

"We certainly believe Sen. Edwards has not violated any law," Smith said of his client, a two-time presidential candidate. "We believe with these subpoenas, they will not discover any laws were violated."

The subpoenas indicate signs of life for an investigation that hasn't publicly shown activity for a year. Edwards' mistress, Rielle Hunter, and former aide Andrew Young testified before a grand jury a year ago.

Young says he testified about vast sums of money that changed hands to help keep Hunter in hiding.

Edwards publicly admitted for the first time this year that he fathered her child. John and Elizabeth Edwards have separated.