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Should Kansas require ID to vote?

For most people who vote at the polls, showing a photo identification wouldn't be a problem.

Whip out a driver's license or some other government-issued ID with your picture on it, and you're set.

But it's not so easy for others, particularly those who are already underrepresented at the polls, election analysts say.

Kansas does not require a photo ID to vote, but the idea it is a hot topic in this year's secretary of state race, and the Legislature is likely to consider it in 2011.

Only eight states have some form of a voter photo ID law, enacted in 2005 or later, and Oklahoma has it on the November ballot.

Indiana and Georgia have the most restrictive voter photo ID laws in the nation. Voters who go to the polls must show an approved photo ID, or they'll have to cast provisional ballots and then show up later at the election office with the proper ID so their ballots will count.

A voter has 10 days to get that done in Indiana, two days in Georgia.

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