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GOP group presses Nikki Haley for details on jobs, late taxes, alleged affairs

A small group of Republicans is calling on GOP gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley to fully answer questions about her past jobs, taxes she paid late and allegations of two extramarital affairs.

"Nikki wants votes. We want answers," said Cyndi Mosteller, a former first vice chairwoman of the state GOP who held a press conference Thursday to announce the formation of her new group, Conservatives for Truth in Politics.

Meanwhile, party leaders are jumping to Haley's defense, saying Haley has already answered these questions, she's the chosen candidate and it is time to move on to the issues that matter to voters such as job creation.

"These questions have been asked and answered time and time again," said Katon Dawson, former chairman of the state GOP.

The two factions held back-to-back press conferences at the State House Thursday. Haley, who has a 17-point lead over her Democrat opponent, Vincent Sheheen, according to the latest poll, was not in attendance.

Mosteller was joined at Thursday's event by Dave Woodard, a Clemson University political science professor and Republican strategist who co-authored a book with U.S. Sen Jim DeMint and Liana Orr, a chapter chairwoman of the S.C. Federation of Young Republicans. The three say their new group represents about 25 to 30 unnamed Republicans and conservative voters who want answers.

Dawson, joined by seven other GOP leaders including state GOP chairwoman Karen Floyd, said Mosteller and her cohorts do not represent the opinions of S.C. Republicans.

"It's a committee of three Republicans with some worn-out titles," Dawson said.

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