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GOP Chairman Steele brings bus tour to Missouri

Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele brought his bright red bus and political message to Lee's Summit on Tuesday.

"Are you ready to fire Pelosi?" he asked more than 100 Kansas City-area residents and business owners at the Jackson County Republican headquarters. "Are you ready to retire Reid?"

Steele was talking about U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and the answer to his cry was an enthusiastic "yes."

"This is about sending good leadership ahead of us to clear the pathway so that we can access the American dream our way — not their way," said Steele, who is stopping in more than 115 cities in 48 states during a month-and-a-half-long tour in a bus with "Fire Pelosi" emblazoned on its side.

He said Republican leaders' "Pledge to America," unveiled last week, will take real steps toward repealing or replacing parts of health care reform and reforming a broken federal tax system.

Patrick Shami, at 20, was one of the youngest faces in the crowd Tuesday.

"People of all ages are trying to make sure Republicans get back to the goals of the party: fiscal responsibility, small government and things that promote good government," said Shami, who serves as executive director of the UMKC College Republicans.

But he also called Republican leadership's plan for the future "vague" and said it lacked details on where specific cuts could be made.

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