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Kansas' Kobach helping Arizona on 'anchor babies' legislation

TOPEKA — Kansas Secretary of State candidate Kris Kobach said today that he is helping the author of the Arizona immigration law on legislation to end birthright citizenship in that state.

Kobach, a Republican, said he supports ending automatic U.S. citizenship for so-called ‘anchor babies’ — those born to illegal immigrants on American soil.

Arizona state Sen. Russell Pearce asked for Kobach’s help in drafting legislation in Arizona, Kobach said. He acknowledged it’s a “tricky issue” for a state to address since citizenship is a federal matter.

“Most countries — almost every country on earth — do not confer birthright citizenship,” said Kobach, a constitutional law professor. He said he supports a bill in Congress that would grant citizenship to children only if at least one parent already was a citizen or legal resident.

Kobach helped Pearce and other Arizona legislators write the controversial new law designed to crack down on illegal immigration. He’s also advised other governments around the country on anti-illegal immigration proposals.

He faces Secretary of State Chris Biggs, a Democrat, in the November election. Libertarian Dennis Hawver also is running.

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