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Idaho tea party urges elimination of sales tax exemptions

The Tea Party group in Idaho's 2nd Congressional District advocates cutting Idaho's sales tax rate from 6 percent to 3 percent or 4 percent by eliminating $1.7 billion in sales tax exemptions.

"We want you to make this a concerted effort in your discussions with elected officials this election cycle and we want to make a letter, email, and phone campaign during this coming legislative session," writes the group's planning committee in an e-mail. "End game is to reduce the Sales Tax to 3% or 4%."

The planning committee is made up of Tony LaRosa, Ray Rammell, David Bingham, LouAnn Undhjem, Maxine Chavez, Afton Bischoff, Enoch Heileson and Janet and Jim Bunnell. The 2nd district runs generally from Cole Road in Boise east to the Wyoming border.

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