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Texas governor should have term limit, Democratic candidate White says

FORT WORTH — Texas voters should get the chance to decide whether to impose term limits on the governor's office, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White declared Tuesday.

White, who stepped down as Houston mayor because of term limits, is trying to unseat Gov. Rick Perry, who has served almost 10 years, a record among Texas governors.

White said during a brief appearance in Fort Worth that the long tenure has allowed Perry to abuse the governor's power of appointment. Perry has come under fire for appointing campaign contributors to state boards. This week, Perry is scheduled to hold a fundraiser in Austin sponsored largely by lobbyists.

"I think we need term limits on the governor just like we do on the president," White said. "The concentration of executive power in the governor can frustrate government by the people. We've seen that in what's happening this Thursday where Rick Perry is having this lobbyists' ball."

Perry fired back that White has been inconsistent about term limits. White spoke against term limits in November, saying they could hurt the state's political clout.

"It is unfortunate that Bill White doesn't trust the people of Texas," said Mark Miner, a Texans for Rick Perry spokesman. "The people of Texas want a leader, not someone who wakes up in the morning and argues with the mirror about which way the political wind is blowing. Gov. Perry has been consistent in believing Texans should determine who they want to serve in public office."

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