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More Florida voters are registering as independents

There's only one party with steady growth this year in the Florida electorate: No Party.

Newly released voter registration statistics show another year of gains for independent voters, while Democrats struggled to maintain their hefty registration edge over the GOP.

The figures also show Hispanics -- a key election demographic -- are becoming more Democratic and independent, while Republicans continue to rely heavily on white voters.

"You're seeing increases in independents," said Brad Coker, who works for the Mason-Dixon Polling and Research. "It kind of fits with the mood of the country right now. They're not happy with either party."

In all, there are roughly 11.1 million active voters: Republicans are 36 percent of the electorate, Democrats make up 41 percent and non-affiliated voters are at 19.4 percent. Minor parties amount to roughly 3 percent.

Four years ago, voters with no party affiliation were 18.8 percent of the registration. That figure dipped slightly during the presidential election, then climbed this year.

During the same four years, the Republican share of the electorate has declined slightly from 37.7 percent in 2006.

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